Abundance Vision Board

Creating an Abundance Vision Board Project

Start a vision board to create abundance in your life. As part of making change to live a better life and being yourself authentically, you may be considering how to create abundance, but let me say you don’t have to confuse wealth with abundance though wealth attraction is very powerful and wealth comes in many forms it is not money alone. We may be abundant in love, friendship, and attract beauty around us. Watch the video and see the power of this project.

If you wonder whats important to you, it s great to do a vision board,, placing yourself in the centre and surrounding yourself with words and images that appeal to you. Grab a pile of magazine and begin tearing out the pages, stack them up. Don’t question why you chose them let your natural instinct and heart guide you. Collect pictures if you with friends, or groups of people that represent friends you would like, family, fitness, your business, money, wealth, what that represents to you. It may be boats, cars and physical things or travel, donating time or a combination of many things. 

All of the images and words you have created mean something to you, They represent what you may desire deep down but don’t believe you deserve them or will ever have them.

Make a Vision Board for Abundance

Creating a visual board will help you see clearly what you want in life, and don’t forget to add the person you would like to be with, take an image of someone that is attractive to you and place them on the vision board if that is what you would like or if you are in a relationship and want it better have images on people who are happy, together and how you want them to be.

This is your time to create, what you dream and are open to is far more likely to present it and when it show up you will know it. Be it the CEO of your business, the clothes you wear the lifestyle you want, let it be yours. Look at it everyday, several times a day and add to it as you believe you are deserving of what you want.

This is your life, make if what you want start your vision board today to attract abundance.

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