Drop the Mask Project and Being Yourself

Being Yourself ProjectWho do you think are the most attractive people to be around, those who are being them self, authentic and real or those who are physically attractive? Our project focuses on dropping the mask so you can start being yourself, the person you want to be. We live in a society where people tend to value appearance and there is nothing wrong with that to a certain degree,  but some of the most beautiful aren’t the most attractive. By saying attractive I mean someone who attracts and draws people to them without effort, not that you can’t be both.

So when we know we enjoy being around authentic real people and we crave that for ourselves, why do we hide behind our masks.  The truth is most of us hold the same fears, and we fear that if people really knew us, flaws and all and they won’t like us so we try so hard to be accepted moving us further from who we really are. We dismiss our strengths, beliefs, give up our dreams in an effort to please people who are also doing the same, they are living false lives and the cycle goes on until there are few people who are truly authentic.

How to Start the Project of You….

  • First to notice we are more the same than we are different
  • We have fears and beliefs many are projected onto us and we go through life as if they are who we are
  • Make it your personal project to discover who you are. Think of what you love and makes your heart sing, write your dreams, present or past that you let go. With pen and paper write quickly the first things that come to mind knowing you are in a safe, and your writing will flow naturally
  • Take steps to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you, practice by saying “that is not mine”
  • Choose one thing that you know to be you true for you and start it today, whether it is to song, speak, be kinder or firmer and practice that daily
  • Do new things that take you closer to your true nature
  • Be prepared to let people go that no longer serve you and help you on your journey
  • Do king things for yourself, by taking care of you, then only can you take care of others
  • Start speaking your truth, do not say things to accommodate or please others
  • Look at your closet and ask if this is me, choose clothes that suit your style and expression
  • Make the best of yourself, wear your hair in a style you want and pick a few accessories that express you
  • Change this up by changing the patterns you do, if you walk to work a certain way or shop in the same stores, switch it up, this allows your brain to learn new patterns and break up old habits
  • Get creative, get out some paints or clay and learn to play, this connects you with who you are

These are a few steps to start making your self the top project to create a better life by being yourself

Be Free, Be You,

Masquerade Project