Make You This Year’s Personal Growth Project

Personal Growth Project for a Better Life?

personal growth project

Positive life project to change your life

As you think back over the past year, did your life change as you had hoped? Did you take time to focus on yourself and your personal progress? Did your life change as a whole or in parts?

The answer to that question vary greatly on your focus and attention to your personal growth. If you created a plan and set goals the chances are much greater that your life changed and you grew as a person. If you didn’t chances are that you weren’t either committed to of often the most likely case you didn’t have a plan to follow.

Around the beginning of a new year we have good intentions, and find a number of ideas and exercises to help you improve your life in the coming year. The system you choose doesn’t matter unless you create a plant focus on yourself as the project for change.

A Plan for Personal Growth will help you focus on creating change in all areas of your life.

So lets break the Personal Plan into two parts for your Growth Project, keeping it simple so you can complete the exercise in a few hours or less.

Part 1: Assess the Past Year

With pen and paper, write without thinking, just let whatever comes to mind,  write about 1-2 pages about your growth plans whether they happened or not s o you can simply note what is important to you in the following areas of your life. Keep a journal so you can record your thoughts and refer to them as your life changes and you can appreciate how far you have come.

1. Physical self: Are you happy with the condition of your physical body? Your weight? Appearance? Why or why not are you pleased about? Be realistic if you are trying compare yourself to another, this is your body, so appreciate just notice what you did over the past year that made a positive or negative impact?

2. Mind:  Now consider your intellectual development? Were there skills you would have liked to learned but didn’t?

3. Spirituality: How would you evaluate your spiritual development? These are personal answers and will vary according to your faith tradition, or if you have a faith.  There is no right or wrong just consider the growth factor if there is an area you want to focus on.

4. Relationships: Are you happy with your current relationships? This may include significant others, spouse, partner, children, friends, relatives, co-workers, mentors,  and anyone involved in your life on a regular basis.

5. Personal Issues: Is there any specific personal issues, habits, addiction that has held you back from reaching your best self in this past year?

Part 2: Planning for the Coming Year

Take 1-2 and write from the heart, whatever comes to mind, and plan for you life change project for the upcoming year.

1. Physical Body: How can I improve my health in this coming year? What diets, eating habits, exercise plan should I consider to add into my life or what could I let go of? How is my physical body (or lack of) helping or hindering my personal growth?

2. Mind: What is my plan for intellectual growth? Choose  2-4 books to read that will optimize and improve your intellectual wellness  in the coming year? What is my plan for accomplishing this? Include courses, workshops, or continued learning to improve mental growth?

3. Spirituality: What is my plan for improving my spiritual life, even if it is not related to a faith, consider nature and the environment as a connection?

4. Relationships: What improvements would I like to see in my relationships with my  significant other, partner,spouse, children, friends, relatives, colleagues, mentors, and others who are important to my life? How will I make it happen?

5. Issues: When you have identified and issues holding you back what steps will I take to resolve and handle that is holding me back? What action do I need to take to begin seeing change and improvement to end this from holding me back?

6. The ONE MASSIVE THING: What is the one biggest thing that I can do to change my life over the next year that would help me grow the most?

A Few Guidelines

Here are several guidelines to help you put together a Personal Growth Plan that will help you make this next year the best one ever:

1. Find a quiet place with no distractions.

2. Be vulnerable and honest with yourself. It doesn’t help to skip over issues or things you’d rather avoid. This is where the growth happens.

3. Have lofty goals and dreams, make attainable markers along the way, so you can see how your growth project is working.

4. Ask friends to help you evaluate yourself. Honest people can share some light in what we cannot see for ourselves and we do much better in life when we involve other people in our growth.

5. Remember, the point of this exercise is not to beat yourself up and notice your flaws, it is to discover what you really want, what you value and how you can make the changes to create a life you really want. This exercise is to help you take ACTION to change your life in the coming year.

I find that a Personal Growth Plan works best when they include goal-setting  so you can measure you results.  These questions are designed to get you thinking about your life and what you really want, this is about you and while your life may include others, this is your personal change project. And when you create positive change others around you change as a result, its a ripple effect, so let good things flow.

Here’s to making this your best year ever and beyond…..


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