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Committing to a Personal Happiness

how to be happierWhat if you made yourself the priority, you the focus of your project for change. We life busy chaotic lives and we give ourselves little thought. We feel sad at times, get depressed and beat up on ourselves and we accept that, yet what we really want is happiness and we give little time and attention towards getting that. In fact most of us can’t remember the last time we were happy or what makes us happy, so don’t you think its tome you took a step back and explored what that means for you?

When you think of the last time you were really happy, can you remember what you were doing, who you were with, what the setting was. Sometimes I ask people this questions and they may answer when I bought a purse, i was really happy, then ask dig a little deeper. Who were you with, where were you, what was the weather life, etc. Quickly they come to realize it was something else, it was the that they were with friends, having fun, laughing about old times. It wasn’t the purse, and some people realize they actually weren’t happy, what they had was a moment of fulfillment that was really dulling them from being unhappy.

What Makes You Happy? Journal It!

Most people really don’t know, this is a time to journal and take notice, life is too short to life unfulfilled without happiness. Maybe it is time to make some changes, either radical or small, whatever works to increase the joy in your life. When most people journal they will recall people they loved, or enjoy being with. Often they notice more what they are unhappy about and that’s okay because when they recognize that then they are in a position to make changes.

For example people will say they hate their job, and really they would like to have their autonomy, start a business and do work they love. Others will say they hate being away from their kids so much or unhappy with their health. While this sounds negative its a great opportunity to make change, because we cannot change what we will not acknowledge.

Start a journal and write what comes to mind, Focus on the little things that made you smile, what you are grateful for, this will make a shift in your energy and you will see changes for a happier more positive life. Find the happiness you deserve. It starts with you.

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